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Cappuccino Concerts Background

"...Russian-born pianist who is recreating the tradition of chamber music in Perth"

Rosalind Appleby, Classical music critic for 'The West Australian' newspaper

The concept which aims to bring new life and perspective to classical music, was born in 2009, when an UWA School of Music Graduate, internationally acclaimed recitalist, soloist, and chamber musician, Russian-born Australian pianist Irina Vasilieva dreamed up the Cappuccino Concerts chamber music concert, a brainwave that has since become an integral part of the Perth concert scene. 

What began as an opportunity to give performers a professional platform has been embraced by Perth audiences. The concerts are set in intimate venues like an art gallery or civic cenre, or a public library or establishment, and invariably sell out.


 That was a special day for the Cappuccino Concerts Founders - Misic Director Irina Vasilieva and Creative Director Tina Vassiliev-Kern, and also for all volonteers, supporters, and classical music lovers - the very first Cappuccino Concerts production - Classical Music Halloween Concert “Creepy Classics” performed at Perth Cultural Centre at the State Library Theatre in 2010, when this website and also this Cappuccino Concerts Logo and also a Trademark, designed by Irina's brother Ilia Vassiliev, a talented young Software Engineer and Graphic Designer, were born.



Cappuccino Concerts are all about celebrating the musical arts for the appreciation and enjoyment by one and all. The concept of informal, public based concerts of outstanding musical performances is not new; it had its origins in Paris and Vienna in the mid 19th century. Now in the 21st century it is well past the time for Perth to catch up with the rest of the world.


'GROVE CLASSICS' Chamber Concert Series

Today, one of the CappCo's major projects, the annual ‘GROVE CLASSICS’ Chamber Music Series first held in 2011, grew into an annual Perth cultural event.

The ‘GROVE CLASSICS’ Chamber Music Series is an incredible mix of classical music to tempt every concert-goer, with all concerts performed by musicians of the highest calibre, and includes cellist Louise McKay, pianists Anna Sleptsova and David Wickham, clarinettist Ashley William Smith, violinists Paul Wright and Margaret Blades; Matt Styles, saxophones, Melbourne pianist and composer Stefan Cassomenos; one of Australia's most exciting guitarists Jonathan Paget and one of the most active organists and harpsichordists in Australia, Stewart Smith; and "The New Norwegian Victor Borge", Aksel Kolstad, The Darlington Trio, to name just a few.

Continuing Mission

Welcome to our Cappuccino Concerts performances, you will have an unforgettable experience and our concerts will become a regular feature of your life. Cappuccino Concerts deliver performances worthy of a concert hall style venue, while making them far more affordable, in a more relaxed environment of a café, an art gallery or a public library, that promotes enjoyment and interaction.

The Cappuccino Concerts team recruits top Australian and international musicians, featuring an expansive repertoire of classical music, accompanied by entertaining commentaries, to reproduce the friendly cheerful atmosphere of 19th century European house concerts and the classical performances at public venues.

The intention is to showcase the best classical music has to offer in the areas of instrumental and chamber concerts, and to bring such music to a more diverse and younger audience.