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   The answer is "Yes!"

In December 2010 Benyamin Nuss, 21, who grew up with classical and jazz music, has been wowing audiences in some of Europe's finest concert halls with solo piano interpretations of video game music by Nobuo Uematsu.

He spoke to Deutsche Welle about this unusual project: "I grew up with classical and jazz music. My dad is a jazz musician so I got to know both genres very early. I knew Beethoven, Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra as a child. It was always my dream to be a pianist, an actor or a singer."

A lot of young people are put off by classical music and write it off as old-fashioned and...

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended and contributed to our Valentine's Day concerts at the Warehouse Cafe in Shenton Park.

What a romantic day! So many inspiring performances! Bravo to all musicians and the Cappuccino Concerts team.

Many thanks to Irina Vasil’eva, Clara Helms, Christina Katsimbardis and Jacqueline O'Neill for the highly professional joyful concert. That was truly notable event! We do hope to see you on stage next...

Special day for all the CappCo team and the very first Cappuccino Concerts production “Creepy Classics”, performed at Perth Cultural Centre at the State Library Theatre.

That was Halloween Spooktacular!   

Anna Sarcich cello, Jasmin Skinner violin, Irina Vasil'eva piano and the guest performer Kathy Corecig viola presented some of the most deliciously spooky and magical classical music ever, including:...