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What are you listening to today? Francesco Molino

Francesco Molino (1775 – 1847), also known as François Molino, was an Italian guitarist and composer, born at Ivrea near Turin on 4 June 1768. At the age of fifteen, in 1783, he enrolled in the band of the Piedmont Regiment as an oboist, a post which he resigned in 1793. Also in this period, from 1786 to 1789, he played the viola in the orchestra of the Teatro Regio in Turin. Then, he was employed in the royal chapel in Turin. By 1817 he had published two guitar methods.

Soon he moved to Paris where he was very active as a teacher and composer, until his death there in 1847. He wrote two violin concertos, of which the second was dedicated to Kreutzer; one guitar concerto, op. 56; many works for guitar with other instruments; and many guitar solos.

His works were largely neglected until the twentieth century, when many of them were republished. Among the best known are his Three Sonatas, 18 Preludes and Terpsichore (a set of dances), all for solo guitar. He also wrote for other instruments in combination with the guitar, including flute and viola.