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In The Spotlight: Benefits of music on health

Latest medical research shows music can be more beneficial than medication. We’ve long been told of the benefits of listening to music whilst pregnant, of how music enhances a child’s learning, how music can help in our studies and work, but when it comes to addressing our health, a whole range of latest studies are telling us that the positive effects of music could outweigh those of medication.

In a recent article published by Berkley University, Jill Suttie summarises the ways that recent research has looked into ways that music may improve our health and the cases in which music’s positive impact on our wellbeing may be more powerful than a trip to the doctor or the psychologist.

The article addresses the traditional health concerns of stress and anxiety, pain, immune system function, exercise and memory.

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I enjoy chamber music performed in small venues, and have just heard of your recital series!
Hi there i had the joy of attending a recent recital where it was mentioned that Winnie the Pooh was going to be read to music. I would love to know when and where this is going to be held. Many thanks Keryn