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Coffee Break Interview: Jonathan Paget

Name/Nickname: I’ve always been “Jonathan”, although my students have been known to refer to me as “J Pag” or “Dr J Pag”

Place of Birth: I’m a Perth boy...

Education... Doctorate and two masters degrees at the Eastman School of Music (New York), and undergraduate at UWA.

Major Awards: I’ve won lots of awards, competitions, academic honours, scholarships and more, but my biggest life achievement by far is marrying my darling wife Apple.

Most memorable performance...Playing Ross Edwards guitar concerto with the DSO to win the Shell Darwin International Guitar Competition.

My most terrifying onstage moment... I have, several times, almost fallen over when bowing because my leg has gone numb.

Sunday afternoons are normally spent... Practicing, gardening, cycling

The one piece of music I would show to convince someone of the power of music... The fugal section in the middle of the second movement of Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony

My coffee is.. My coffee is Long macchiato, topped-up with A2 milk