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Coffee with Rebecca Bunn

Place of Birth... Melbourne, Australia

Most memorable performance... My most memorable performance was my ADPA recital. My Nonno and Nonna, who are both very ill and can't make it to my performances often, managed to attend my afternoon recital and my heart was poured into sharing my love of music and performance with them.

My terrifying/embarrassing onstage moment... I had a mental blank when singing Fac Ut Protem from Rossini's Stabat Mater at the Sydney Eisteddfod earlier this year and it took me a good 30 seconds to start again; onstage that period feels like a life time, especially when you have an audience of adjudicators and other competitive singers. What made it worse was the fact that I had the music in my hands and couldn't think straight enough to find my spot in the music again. What a character building experience!

My dream performance... My dream recital would be to perform a collection of Strauss Lieder or Debussy Chanson at the Wigmore Hall in London.

Sunday afternoons are normally spent... If not at work, at home studying, reading a book, socialising with friends or even preparing a "delicious Sunday roast dinner with Mum and Dad.

My coffee is... My coffee is Flat White