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Coffee Break Interview: Louise Devenish


Place of Birth:  Perth, WA
Education:  2001-2005 UWA B.Mus.; etc. B Mus, First Class Honours, UWA.  Currently completing a DMA at UWA.
Major Awards: Not sure about this one....I get various grants fairly regularly, the most recent being from the Ian Potter Cultural Trust to attend a percussion residency at Banff at the end of June.
Most memorable performance...  Rehearsing Music for 18 Musicians for Steve Reich, on the xylophone used in the original performances and recording. 
My terrifying/embarrassing onstage moment: ...  Getting a massive splinter in my finger in the first piece in a concert and then having to play congas straight after....thereby driving the splinter right into my finger and bleeding all over my friend's congas. I had to get it cut out at Box Hill Hospital after the gig!  The embarrassing part is how much of a wuss I was about it.
Sunday afternoons are normally spent:... At concerts or markets or cafes! If I'm lucky, all three.  
The one piece of music I would show to convince someone of the power of music:  ...Well that's too hard! How can you cover all the good stuff in one piece of music?
My coffee is...  My coffee is long black, etc… Well what do you know, it actually is a cappuccino.