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Coffee with Joshua Webster

Name/Nickname: Joshua Webster/Josh/JW

Place of Birth:  Subiaco, Australia
Education: 2005-8: Bachelor of Music with First Class Honours (Classical Percussion) at WAAPA.
2011-13: Master of Creative Arts (Music) at WAAPA (thesis submitted awaiting review).
Major Awards: John & Margaret Winstanley Prize for the most outstanding classical music student 2007
WAYO Scholarship (supplied by the DCA) for Cimbalom study in Hungary 2008; Perth Hungarian Community Service Award for Cimbalom study in Hungary 2013

My most memorable performance...There have been many, one that comes to mind, as it was quite unusual, was miming onstage (marimba) for Her Majesty The Queen in 2011.

My most terrifying/embarrassing onstage moment ... I had a slight memory blank in a solo performance for around 2,000 people which was rather scary. Thankfully I recovered fairly quickly.
My dream recital ... I would love to perform on the cimbalom with Roby Lakatos and his ensemble anywhere in the world.
Sunday afternoons are normally spent ... Doing whatever the day requires - recently spent learning music.
The one piece of music I would show to convince someone of the power of music ...Too hard to name only one!
My coffee is ... My coffee is almost anything else - I don't like coffee and have never had a full cup.